Saturday, August 15, 2015


Gulf Cup Delay Has Knock On Effect

The decision by the Kuwait Football Association to postpone the Gulf Cup by 12 months hasn't only forced a change to my plans for this December. It seems to have had a knock on effect in the region with many leagues, well the Arabian Gulf League at least, having built their fixture lists around a one month break for the international tournament.

The AGL will at least go ahead with its Super League this weekend but until know there seems to be confusion as to whether the season will start next week as planned. Many are in favour of delaying the start not least because the weather will be a tad cooler come September!

However moves are afoot to persuade Kuwait to go ahead with the competition in December as planned and it seems no final decision has been made yet.

Once, just for once it would be nice to live somewhere I could actually rely on a football fixture list!

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