Saturday, August 15, 2015


11 Minute Fandi Hat Trick Lights Up Lion City Cup

It is a name that has been making waves for a while now within the small world of Singapore football but blistering 10 minute hat trick against Liverpool in the Lion City Cup will have turned a few more heads beyond the city state.

Ikhsan Fandi, son of Singapore football's favourite son Fandi, hit three as the NFA came from 3-0 down to level against the kids of Liverpool to bring some cheer to local fans at a time when the local league is struggling for its existence.

Ikhsan, along with his brother Irfan, have long been tipped for success in their chosen careers and not just 'cos of their dad. They can both play a bit as well. They have both enjoyed stints in Spain and Chile and of course do not forget the Arsenal connection; when their old man was coaching Pelita Jaya in Indonesia they made their mark at the Arsenal Soccer School where they had coach Dale Mulholland drooling even though they were not yet teens!

Of course scoring a hat trick in a friendly game is no guarantee of a glorious career in football, just ask Yaya Sanogo, but for Ikhsan at least it is one more entry on an already impressive looking football resume.

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