Friday, June 12, 2015


Where Now For Evan Dimas?

Evan Dimas has been making headlines in Indonesia for a couple of years now. Ever since he was part of the national Under 19 side that actually won a trophy in fact.

Now he is becoming a name around South East Asia. He scored for Indonesia during the ASEAN Football Championships in Hanoi last year and now he has scored in the SEA Games, netting the winner against hosts Singapore that guaranteed a semi final spot for the Garuda Muda.

Whatever happens at the SEA Games, win the bloody thing or get thumped by the Thais in the semi final, Evan Dimas needs to start thinking what he should do to develop his career. He has shown this uncanny knack of scoring in big games, that suggests there is something about the lad that is worth nurturing.

And that nurturing ain't going to happen in Indonesia where the league has been halted while the government and the PSSI engage in a pissing contest.

The 20 year old has played just two league games for his club side Persebaya and it is difficult to see where the third game will come from. He was scoring for Indonesia before he played for his club side!

Maybe he should follow in the footsteps of another Persebaya talent. Andik Vermansyah is now in his second season with Selangor in Malaysia and is relishing professional football in another country. You know, football where players get paid on time, where games aren't moved at the last minute, fans don't boycott teams over ownership stuff...all that kind of stuff.

Evan needs to be looking overseas. But instead of Malaysia with its similar culture why not think further afield and try the Thai Premier League, following in the footsteps of ex Persebaya player Greg Nwokolo.

The last thing Evan needs to do in terms of his football career is return to Indonesia and wait for bickering men in suits to decide what to do next. It is his career, he needs to take control of it and if that means playing overseas then go for it.

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