Thursday, May 14, 2015


Ian Wright, Durian & SLeague

So Ian Wright is currently in Singapore promoting the upcoming EPL spunkathon where Singaporeans are offered the opportunity to hand over heaps of catch to see unfit players from Arsenal, Everton and Stoke City strut their stuff.

This benefits Singapore how? Well, it doesn't of course. People who whine about paying 5SGD in the local league will quite happily fork out 10 TIMES that just so they can tell their mates their saw Ozil jog up and down the touch line before making a cameo appearance.

Singapore football is in a rotten enough state at the moment, it needs all the help it can get from the fan...god knows the administrators are not up to the task. Having the likes of Arsenal in town will boost Arsenal's profile and allow me the chance to catch up with some mates who will be flying in for the game.

But for the SLeague it will do jackshit. For Singapore football it will do jackshit. Last night Warriors ended their woeful AFC Cup campaign with a 2-0 loss at home to Maizya from that well known football powerhouse Maldives. Did Ian Wright go to the game? Was he aware of the game? Is he even aware they play football in Singapore?

I tried asking on twitter whether the organisers had any plans to take hiim to watch a game while he was in town but I was of course ignored. No doubt if I asked what colour socks he likes to wear on match day I would have got an answer and been retweeted by Arsenal.

The games come towards the end of the fasting month and at a time when traditionally players spend time with their families. That goes out of the window of course as the FAS happily agreed to everything the EPL circus demanded for the opportunity to fill the seats at  the new stadium and have pictures taken with bored professional footballers.

In Malaysia one fan group is calling for local fans to boycott games against Spurs and Liverpool claiming they do nothing for the game in Malaysia. #SayNoToCircusGames has been trending in social media for a while as fans protest at how the local league gets dicked around just 'cos a couple of English clubs deign to visit...on their terms.

Yesterday there was a photo op as fans and media jostled to take pictures of Wrighty eating durian. Surely a better photo op would have been to have Wrighty do something with an SLeague know, at least pay lip service to the idea the EPL sides are interested in the local game and not just whizzing through town for their own bank balance

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