Monday, May 25, 2015


PSSI Recognised Again

Politics is often never more than a game of power people top trumps and that seems to be playing out in the wild and wacky world of Indonesian football.

Just hours after Pahang players turned back from Jayapura and returned home to Malaysia following the refusal of immigration to let their players in the country the vice president met with the PSSI and the sports minister.

For those with short memories the sports minister refused to recognise the PSSI a few months back after some outfit called BOPI deemed two teams in the ISL, Arema and Persebaya, did not fulfil their requirements.

Attempts by the PSSI to restart the league or to start a new pre season competition floundered as BOPI refused to approve the games.

A meeting earlier today saw vice president Jusuf Kalla meet with the sports minister and the PSSI. The result? Jusuf Kalla overturned the sports minister decision re the PSSI meaning, I guess, the PSSI are once again the only show in the town. It also leaves the sports minister in a funny position, and I don't mean outside right, after expanding so much energy in his bid to reform football (insert emoticons where necessary).

FIFA are due to meet to discuss Indonesia soon after a deadline of 29 May has passed. Whether Kalla's actions have succeeded in halting any serious punishment from the world body remains to be seen.

So for  now we are left with the PSSI, previously upset at government interference in the game, falling back on government interference to halt an imasse caused by government interference.

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