Saturday, May 09, 2015


Neck And Neck In Kuwait

Remember how excited you (probably) were when Manchester City won the EPL in the last minute against QPR a couple of years back? And all the accompanying hype and hullabaloo? Well the final day of the Kuwait Premier League is probably a bit like that. But without the hype and hullabaloo.

Two teams go in to today's games with a chance of winning the league.

1 - Al Kuwait 25 19 6 0 67-12 63
2 - Al Arabi 25 20 3 2 59-12 63

The numerically alert among you will see that Al Kuwait have the goal difference to secure the title should both teams wins but Al Arabi are playing Al Tadhamon, bottom of the table and conceded 80 goals in their 25 games including 33 in their last six games.

Al Kuwait though have been relentless. 10 straight wins has seen them close the gap on Al Arabi and now they will go into the last game of the season against Al Sulaibhikat knowing that if they win 3-0 Al Arabi must win 11-0 to be crowned champions.

Historically Al Arabi are top bunnies in Kuwait but the last of their 16 titles came way back in 2001/2002 when there were only eight teams competing. Since then Al Kuwait (4 times) and Al Qadisa (8) have shared the trophy between themselves.

Al Arabi were held 0-0 at home by Al Qadsia last time out, a result that does seem to have ended their dreams of breaking their 13 year drought. Al Kuwait showed championship form however by coming from 2-0 down to win 4-2 against Yarmouk.

Today promises to be a thrilling climax to the season, a climax that promises goals!

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