Wednesday, May 06, 2015


Malaysia Cancel Philippine Friendly For Circus Game

The World Cup Qualifying Rounds begin this year for Asian sides and Malaysia is no exception. They certainly have been drawn in a tough group with home and away ties looming against Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Palestine and Timor Leste.

Given the high expectations in Malaysian football you would expect the FA to be focussed on seeing their team reach their first ever finals wouldn't you? Certainly ties against the Saudi and UAE won't be easy.

But instead of lining up quality opposition the FA have ditched a proposed friendly against Philippines and decided to focus instead on meaningless friendlies against an uninterested, unfit bunch of Premier League players!

Laughable isn't it? Who needs the World Cup when you have the opportunity to rub shoulders with people from two faded EPL powers, Liverpool and Tottenham? And it won't even be the Malaysian national team that plays will be one of them god awful selections which are all things to no one in particular except egotistical club owners whose idea of football is photo shoots with famous players.

There is absolutely no benefit in Malaysia playing  these two opponents. No benefit for the national team and no benefit for the national game. Instead a whole bunch of money will be spunked on the EPL prima donnas to allow them to travel first class and sleep five star while fans pay through the nose for the privilege to scream and swoon on cue.

The job of the Football Association of Malaysia is to develop football, not pander to the egos of its officials. Fans are calling for the games to be boycotted, #SayNoToCircusGames, and they are right to do so.

Playing a bunch of unfit, uninterested jet lagged professionals will not benefit the cause of Malaysian football one jot.

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