Friday, May 08, 2015


Government Announces 'Transition Team'

Ok so the youth and sports minister, continuing to save Indonesia football, has announced his committee that will look at, um, football I guess.

If you have been backpacking around the asteroid belt in  recent weeks the government has decided it doesn't like the people who run football and so no longer recognise them. The people who run football say we don't care, FIFA love us.

The government said we don't care about FIFA this is Indonesia and asked security officials around the country not to allow games under the PSSI to take place.

The PSSI responded by saying if you won't let us play football we will take our ball and go home so they stopped the league.

Now the government has come up with a list of people who will do something. What, I'm not sure. Change the game perhaps? Run the league? Send FIFA a letter?

Anyway these are the people, and their jobs, who could well have a say on the future of football in Indonesia.

1 FX Hadi Rudyatmo (Mayor of Solo)
2 Letjen TNI Lodewijk F Paulus (Soldier)
3 Ridwan Kamil (Mayor of Bandung)
4 Eddy Rumpoko (Mayor of Batu)
5 Ricky Yakobi (an actual footballer)
6 Bibit Samad Riyanto (formerly on anti corruption commission)
7 Darmin Nasution (former head of Bank Indonesia)
8 Cheppy T Wartono (politician)
9 Tommy Kurniawan (actor)
10 Iwan Lukminto (businessman)
11 M Francis Wanandi (businessman)
12 Saut H Sirait (ex electoral commission member)
13 Andre Darwis (founder of a website)
14 Fachri Husaini (football coach)
15 Zuhairi Misrawi (member of religious organisation)
16 Dias Faizal Malik Hendropriyono (son of someone)
17 Velix F Wanggai (ex presidential staff)

Hilarious article mate :D :D :D :D :D
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