Thursday, May 14, 2015


Carry On Regardless

The Indonesia Super League have announced the 2015/2016 will kick off in September. The 2015/2016 season replaces the 2015 which was cancelled after the government refused to recognise the football association and the security forces refused to release certificates to allow games to go ahead.

The league have also announced a pre season tournament will begin at the end of May. It is not clear whether this competition will be called the Inter Island Cup, they havent finished last year's yet, the Indonesian Cup or the We Do Live In Lah Lah Land Cup.

The competition is due to start two days before the FIFA imposed deadline for football to get its house in order or face another strongly worded letter...even sanctions.

As for the small matter of security forces giving their permission for games to go ahead, you  know that thing that caused the 2015 season to be halted, the ISL say they will apply in the normal way.

Meanwhile the government team set up to oversee something in footbal has seen a couple of people leave. It looks like they have not been replaced. or have they?

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