Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Happy Anniversary Malang

Indonesian cities like to celebrate their birthdays and today it is the turn of Malang the city in East Java which is home to Arema.

To commerate the city's founding no doubt there have been heaps of events lined up but a decision taken in far off Jakarta is likely to put a dampener on the day for many of the inhabitants.

BOPI, a body set up by the government to 'oversee' professional sport have decided Arema as well as rivals Persebaya have failed their verification process and so cannot compete in the Indonesia Super League which is due to kick off on Saturday. Yep, 72 hours away. Arema host Persija n their first game of the season and an estimated 1,000 travelling fans have already made their arrangements.

And for what? Because a body not recognised by FIFA or the AFC have decided to impose their own criteria on professional football in Indonesia, a role that belongs exclusively to the PSSI.

Why have Arema failed? Who knows. They can talk about not ticking the correct boxes, they can talk about the lingering effects of the IPL which saw both Arema and Persebaya have two clubs share the same name but many will still be suspicious. And why haven't PSSI jealously guarded their own corner in the way they did when the IPL was launched back in 2011.

What next? Who knows. Will Arema and Persebaya quietly accept the decision while other clubs seemingly passed the process despite being in worse condition? Is this anything to do with PSSI elections later this year? Are there chocolate cupcakes on the moon? Who knows...

What we do know is yet another cack handed decision makes Indonesian football a laughing stock.

Happy anniversary Malang...

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