Thursday, April 23, 2015


Disband The SLeague?

Are Singapore football officials really considering disbanding the SLeague? Is this part of their strategic plan, strategic review or strategic bullshit?

I don't really see how the FAS can be exploring ways to make Singapore football better...after all wasn't that the whole point of the much hyped strategic plan? Isn't there already a road map in place? Or is everything being done on a wing and a prayer and all the business school speak is nothing but hot air?

Was the merger of Woodlands wellington and Hougang United part of the strategic plan? Was the disbanding of Tanjong Pagar part f the same master plan?

And are there people there really relying on some pie in the sky ASEAN Super League to swoop down on the city state like some kind of majestic Pegasus and carry everyone to the promised land to a chorus of angels?

The observant out there may have noticed I have dropped the SLeague from my coverage. My circumstances have changed, I am not able to spend as much time on Singapore and Malaysian football as previously and so I decided to keep the focus on Indonesia with perhaps one significant other (more on that later).

But the fact that people are even discussing scrapping the SLeague is just astounding. Imagine, a major nation without its own domestic league.

What is equally astounding is the apparent admission from the national team coach that he doesn't bother watching SLeague games. Imagine the boost local players felt when they read or heard those words.

If true then the coach must go irrspective of the failure to defeat Guam. A national team coach who doesn't bother with the local league is nothing short of an embarrassment and at a time when the game is crying out for fans...what message does that send? All the Liverpool supporters will be crowing and saying 'told you lah, craps isn't it'.

But don't stop the cull at Stange. Take the rest of the suits out to pasture.

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