Friday, February 20, 2015


Sriwijaya Talk Up SLeague Option

The SLeague season begins in 1st March with Warriors taking on Balestier Khalsa and DPMM hosting Harimau Muda. The Indonesia Super League has been postponed until 4 March at the earliest.

Sriwijaya seem to think joining the SLeague is an option. They are quite rightly put out the ISL has been ut back and the club from South Sumatra have been making noises about moving to join the SLeague. Quite how far these noises have travelled is not clear; there appears to be nothing reported in Singapore thus far.

Apparently Sriwijaya have been studying the rules of the SLeague but have they discussed the idea with the league itself? It was only last year Singapore decided they could only support 10 teams and three of them are already foreign. Would they be willing to allow another foreign team to join after the season begins?

It all seems very unlikely but until now I have seen no quotes from Singapore...I could ask them in Twitter but they are not that active in that particular arena, especially when it comes to engaging with other people (the actual social part of social media).

So you wonder what it is all about. As far as threats go it is pretty toothless. The ISL gets stopped, one team threatens to join a league already underway, it doesn't look like something to bring about any change does it?

Coach Benny Dollo doesn't seem to perturbed by the possibility of playing in the SLeague. He has given the players some extra holiday!

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