Thursday, November 06, 2014


DRB Hicom Move To Tanjong Malim

The mighty DRB Hicom have announced they will be playing their home games at Proton Stadium in Tanjong Malim next season.

DRB Hicom used to be known as Pos Malaysia when they were formed in 2008 and they won the FAM League, the nation's third tier, in 2009. They changed their name to the eye catching DRB Hicom at the start of this season.

They now compete in the Premier League and will no doubt be hoping the good folk of Tanjong Malim rush out to support their 'new' 'local' team.

No news as to whether they will change their name to try and engage with the local community. They are owned by a private company, they probably think that is enough.

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