Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Degrading Promotion

In most countries, promotion goes to the teams which have performed best over the season. You know, winning the most games, not losing too often, turning up for games. That sort of thing.

Indonesia? Nope, not always. That method is too unreliable, all them referees, dodgy pitches and players who don't score when they should.

Two new teams have been confirmed for the 2015 Indonesia Super League.

Pusamania Borneo meet Persiwa in the final later this week but it is just a formality to decide who goes in the record books as champions...and in this place there are no record books.

Once upon a time there was a team called Perseba Super Bangkalan on the island of Madura just off the coast of Surabaya. They are no more. Their 'licence' was bought by Pusamania, set up by disgruntled fans of Persisam (now known as Pusam) upset by the politics of the club management.

No one is sure what the fans of Perseba thought when they were told there team was moving to another city on another island with another name.

Still, at least the prospect of Pusamania taking on Pusam in a Samarinda would have been interesting!

And Persiwa? They were the worst team in their play off group and didn't t urn up for an away game.

Now there are stories PSS, who were involved in that game with five own goals, are looking to 'merge' with Pusam! Under the terms being discussed, Pusam would move to Sleman and be renamed PSS, thus allowing the Java Eagles into the ISL via the back door!

I wouldn't call that a merger!

PSS were one of the better teams in the Divisi Utama last season but they are being investigated for their part in the game with PSIS. To have them enter the ISL through such a method might give the wrong impression to other clubs in the league. And where would it leave PSIS?

Yeah, in Indonesia football is extremely complicated. And I don't know whether I should be sorry or thankful...:(

And about PSS Sleman, I think that silly idea to merger with Pusam wont come true.
About three years ago, Real Mataram (ex. contestant of breakaway league) also proposed the same thing but Sleman fans opposed it.
Now, in this hard times, Sleman fans are being tempted. But still, they oppose that kind of 'instant and pathetic' idea...
They will keep the purity of PSS's DNA as a team. No matter how difficult, PSS have to write its own history. Both in bad and good times.
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