Saturday, April 05, 2014


Persida Coach Slams 'Verification' Process

I don't think I have ever written about Persida Sidoarjo before.

This will be their first season in Divisi Utama for bloody ages if indeed at all and their preparations aren't going too well if the stories circulating today are to be believed.

Apparently, coach Freddy Muli has been talking about the state of the club with less than two weeks before the season begins.

The players have yet to sign contracts with the club and have been receiving Rp 50,000 a day training expenses! That is just over three quid in English money.

Freddy too is waiting his cash and his words would be making a splash if they were uttered by a Mourinho or Wenger.

'This is what our football is like,' he is quoted as saying. 'I don't understand how this can be called a professional league and,' in a dig at the people who run the game 'I don't understand how (the club) can pass the verification stage.'

'It is very difficult for the players who have families to take care of but I am sure Persida are not the only club to be in this situation.'

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