Tuesday, March 11, 2014


PSMS At Risk Of Losing Divisi Utama Spot

Indonesian football is in danger of losing PSMS Medan after having a couple of seasons when there two of them thanks to the duelism nonsense that existed.

Following the recent verification process of applicants keen on joining the Divisi Utama that starts next month, 51 teams 'qualified'. PSMS are one of the teams that needs to address some issues before they will be admitted.

While things have been pretty quiet for the Medan time in recent years, back in the day, and I am referring to be 'professionalism' arrived in the country, they were one of the big teams in the country.

Indeed, just recently I was chatting with a chap who was playing for Persib against PSMS at the Bung Karno Stadium in front of more than 100,000!

Football owes no club a living. Wolverhampton Wanderers were arguably the biggest team in England in the 1950s; now they play in the third tier.

PSMS have support, they have passion. They just seem to have no money and no one with any vision.

Other clubs at risk include Deltras and last year's relegated sides, Persiwa, Persidafon and PSPS.

Three teams that have been disqualified are Perssin Sinjani, PSSB Bireuen and Persemalra Langgur.

The full list can be found here.

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