Sunday, March 16, 2014


No Creature Comforts For Home

Home United must be one of the most frustrating teams in the SLeague. They are usually among the favourites to pick up some silver ware yet season after season they infuriate their fan(s) with their consistent consistency.

Against DPMM, they weren’t bad. Limited yes but there was enough about them for a top half finish. Which in a league where four teams effectively make up the numbers and don’t have the carrot of Asian football should they win the title (Albirex Niigata, Young Lions, Harimau Muda and DPMM), that is really praise heavily fainted!

They play nice, pretty football at times and the fact that DPMM were content for them to do so says it all. They were hardly in dangerous areas; it was cup cake looked good but lacked depth. Camera was a threat, lively and pacey down the left but he was under utilised.

Frequently, he was an outlet but Home preferred their pretty triangles in the congested centre of the field which delighted the visitors no end.

Is there scope to use Camera down the middle? He has attributes no defender likes, pace and movement. By having him play more central Home would go someway towards unnerving defenders; a backpeddling defender brick outhouse of a defender is always liable to stick his leg out a bit too late.

As for DPMM, they showed the value of signing foreigners who can add something on the pitch and not just to their bank balance. Tosi has been a prolific scorer since he made the move to Brunei while new signings Roy O’Donovan who netted his first goal for the club, and Joe Gamble both put in a shift.

Coached by Steve Kean, DPMM look like they will be in the mix at the end of the season. Physically strong, quick on the break and disciplined. The win puts them top of the table, three wins from their three opening games and yet to concede a goal.

Early days yet, but DPMM could be the first foreign team to win the SLeague since Etoile. Whether that is a good thing for Singapore football or not is another question!

Some images from the game, including a look at DPMM's away shirt which may be familiar to Arsenal fans, can be seen on Asian Football Pictures.

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