Tuesday, October 01, 2013


IPL Clubs To Discuss Future

The PSSI is to meet with clubs from the Indonesia Premier League and its associated Divisi Utama to thrash out a road map for the future of the clubs involved.

The IPL will to all intents and purposes be wound up at the end of this campaign though even that short term future is up in the air after a PSSI official called the IPL organisers incompetent.

Not all clubs will attend the meeting. Persema, Persija and Persibo have already been kicked out, good luck getting that money out of Persibo, AFC, while Persebaya and Arema are not invited because there are already clubs with those names in the Indonesia Super League.

The IPL has been a nonsense since it started. A lot of good people have been taken in by the glib words of politicians and so much time and money has been expended over the last three years you kind of wonder why anyone would want to trust Indonesian football again.

We are currently half way through the third IPL campaign. The first was stopped at the mid season break, the second was won by Semen Padang

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