Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Indonesia Behind Closed Doors In AFC Qualifiers

The PSSI are saying that their next two AFC Asian Cup qualifiers, against China and Iraq, are to be played behind closed doors after beng punished by the AFC.

It seems Asia's governing body is finally sick and tired of Indonesia's inability to organise crowd security at their games and the punishment comes after incidents at a number of games over the years.

I haven't seen anything on the AFC website about this.

This is wonderfully ironic as Indonesia have only just moved the AFC U19 from Sidoarjo to Jakarta. The final in East Java was marred by fans going on the rampage after being told tickets had been sold out only for touts to have plenty in their grubby fists.

Fans, who know how this country operates far better than I do, accused officials of selling the tickets to the touts for a profit which of course is something that has never, ever happened in England.

The last big game in Jakarta was the SEA Games final between Indonesia and Malaysia when some fans were killed in crushes brought on by weight of numbers.

An exception should be made to travelling supporters of the visiting team to attend the game. Such punishment should not be cast in old-age colonial stone...
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