Thursday, October 31, 2013


Discrimination Rears Its Ugly Head In Pahang

With Pahang ready to appear in their first Malaysia Cup final in yonks fans in the state have of course been scrambling around trying to find tickets.

Except the local organisers, the Pahang FA, have rather upset a few people by insisting only people born in the state can actually buy tickets.

Pahang, who play Kelantan in the final, received 30,000 tickets with fans travelling from far and wide across the state to queue early but some were left disappointed when they were told they could not buy any.

Some guy from the Pahang FA said 'it was implemented to further improve the process of selling the tickets' whatever that means.

They could sell tickets to season ticket holders, to members of the Pahang supporters club, to fans who have match tickets from all the games this season, to people with coupons from the match day programme!

There are many ways to sell the tickets but to engage in such blatant discrimination, in a country that prides itself on its different cultures and boasts of 1 Malaysia, is sickening.

Mind you, they aren't the only team to take this path.

LionsXII also have a discriminatory approach to match ticket sales. Advance sales are only available to residents of the country. In other words, not me!

By extending the logic of LionsXII and Pahang, no Singaporean or Malaysian would be allowed to watch Liverpool or Chelsea because they don't come from there.

the reason they did this is because there are many kelantanese resides & work in pahang so their top priority must be for pahang people.
there are 15 000 more tickets for neutral fans sold by FAM in shah alam

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