Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Three IPL Teams Threatened

It looks like LPIS, the organizers behind the Indonesia Premier League (apparently it is organized, don't laugh) are threatening three clubs with expulsion.

Bontang have already said they want out so kicking them out is nothing but apparently they are not one of the three.

Persibo have failed to turn up for so many games they should have been thrown out yonks ago.

Persema have been a mess for so long. They rebranded themselves ahead of this season with new club colours and nickname but nobody really noticed because the fans attracted by the glamour of Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan and Irfan Bachdim had long deserted the team and they had fallen slowly, ignobly, into a bowl of treacle wearing heavy duty DR Marten lace ups.

Then we have Persija. Only in Indonesia, I think, could you have a team named after another team playing their home games in a city far from their home base in front of no fans because no one cared about them.

The IPL of course started with a promise to change the game, big on hype but low on everything else and their first season ground to a halt after the mid season break.

Their second campaign was actually seen through to the end with Semen Padang winning the title and performing pretty bloody well in the AFC Cup.

The league was expanded to 16 teams this season, ambitious given the apathy country wide to all except a handful of teams, but now with three under threat and one more who want to leave questions must be asked whether this campaign will ever end.

The political bitch fest that began years ago with the PSSI ambitiously bidding for the World Cup but failing to get political support, has moved on from football but the mess has been left behind.

When the IPL does finally receive the last rites there won't be many mourners. Just a sense of frustration at the waste, of money, opportunities and hot air.

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