Thursday, August 29, 2013


Bontang Quit IPL

Bontang have announced they are going to withdraw from the Indonesia Premier League.

The club from East Kalimantan, a six hour drive from the nearest airport, are currently 13th in the 16 team league with just four wins and a draw all season.

The league has been rife with rumours all season once it was announced it would end this year with suggestions it would not start again after the mid season break; something that happened in its debut season.

Bontang have said their withdrawal was because of a lack of clarity over rules especially walkovers, when teams no show, and with the future unclear they are preferring to save their cash for next season.

In typical cack handed style the first the actual players seem to have heard of the news was when it was announced in the media.

The PSSI have said they want to meet with Bontang to discuss their wishes as well as the organizers of the IPL.

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