Thursday, July 04, 2013


PSPS In Race For Divisi Utama

PSPS have won just one game since 16 March when they defeated Persela 4-2. Since then it is fair to say they have not so much been in freefall, they seem to have been replaced by mannequins.

Unsurprisingly they are bottom of the ISL and nine points from safety.

There was a time not too long ago when teams going there would always lose. It was blamed on the weather! The weather is the same but now everyone comes back with three points...guess it wasn't so bad there after all eh?!

A Persipura 0-5
A Persiwa 0-3
H Persidafon 1-2
H Persiram 1-1
A Persiba 1-4
A Barito Putra 2-5
H Barito Putra 1-3
H Persiba 1-2
A Persidafon 1-3
A Persiram 0-5
H Persipura 1-5
H Persiwa 1-0
A Persela 1-9
A Persepam 0-3
H Persita 0-5
H Persib 0-4
A Gresik United 1-5

PSPS - 17 1 1 12-59 4


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