Saturday, June 15, 2013


Malaysia's Winter Break Absolutely Brilliant

Canberra v Malaysia 3-2
Sydney Olympic v Malaysia 0-4
Marconi v Malaysia 2-0

This tour, organised the amazing Football Association of Malaysia, was a resounding success for the national team. OK, maybe the results weren't the best but then football is not always about results is it?

Losing 3-2 to what pretty much amounts to a pub team in Canberra will live long in the annals and it is fair to say Malaysia may never want to go there again. After all the weather is cold and the shopping awful.

But Sydney and the photo opps down by the harbour means the tour no doubt will be seen as a success by the super duper FAM and can only auger well for them in the future.

From a football point of view? Hang on, you don't want me to get negative do you? The FAM have chosen wisely and we must accept their wisdom because they know what they are doing and we are mere mortals who should be satisfied with our lot in life.

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