Wednesday, May 29, 2013


PSIS Increase Ticket Prices; Persip Fans Not Allowed

With just a few games to go before the end of the season PSIS have announced they will increase admission prices. All prices will rise by IDR 5,000:

South Terrace - IDR 15,000
East Terrace - IDR 20,000
West Terrace - IDR 40,000
Main Stand - IDR 60,000

In other PSIS news they have announced no Persip fans will be allowed to attend the local derby this weekend on grounds of security concerns.

PSIS are currently second in Group 2 of Divisi Utama.

privilidge to be covered once again! lol. anyway, this is the only way for club to survive the "budget deficit". fans are not complaining, hope gate keeper wont do their usual know.

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