Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Light At The End Of The Tunnel For Indonesia Football

The Indonesian Football Association may have dodged FIFA reprobation following an uncharacteristically cordial and productive extraordinary congress on Sunday that saw the body address many of the ills afflicting the domestic game. 

The extraordinary congress agreed on revisions to statutes governing the association known as PSSI, and an accord on reunification of the nation’s two professional leagues was reached. 

PSSI says the changes bring the association in compliance with FIFA mandates. World football’s governing body had threatened sanctions if Indonesian football’s feuding factions could not resolve their various disputes. 

The Indonesia Super League and Indonesia Premier League will be merged under the ISL’s administrator, Liga Indonesia. 

Two other issues raised by FIFA were settled prior to the extraordinary congress. 

“It’s a good result for Indonesian football. We have agreed on two important agendas. We made revisions to the PSSI statutes and FIFA gave its approval. Indonesia will be free from FIFA’s sanction,” PSSI chairman Djohar Arifin told reporters. 

“The reunification of professional leagues will be implemented in 2014 and for the time being, both leagues will run separately.” 

One of the most significant PSSI statute revisions concerned the new composition of its Executive Committee. The federation will have an expanded 15-member Executive Committee, comprised of one chairman, two vice chairmen and 12 members. Previously there were 11 members, including one chairman and one vice chairman. 

Concerning reunification, both ISL and IPL organizers — Liga Indonesia and Liga Prima Indonesia Sportindo, respectively — presented proposals and road maps for the leagues’ merger. PSSI members on Sunday voted for Liga Indonesia’s proposal. 

With the decision, there will be 22 teams in the top-tier league next season, according to Joko Driyono, chief executive of Liga Indonesia. 

“The top-tier league will be comprised of 18 ISL clubs and four IPL clubs next season. In November, we will hold an assessment according to the AFC Pro-League requirements,” Joko said. 

The meeting was marred by incident when six Executive Committee members walked out as committee member La Nyalla Mattalittis tried to push for a more ambitious agenda. The congress ultimately did not stray from its original agenda. 

“We walked out of the meeting because it’s clear that FIFA only pushed for four points in its letter. We just want to play by the rules,” said Farid Rahman, one of the six. 

The meeting concluded with the selection of the new-look Executive Committee’s four new members — Zufadli, Djamal Aziz, La Siya and Hardi Hasan — to fill out the 15-member body. La Nyalla was also appointed as new vice chairman. 

While PSSI is claiming success following Sunday’s meeting, FIFA will have the final word. The congress and its results will be discussed at the next FIFA Executive Committee meeting on April 20.

SOURCE - The Jakarta Globe

COMMENT - is it over? Who knows. But I do know this. The last couple of years of division and nonsense have been a big waste of time and cash; cash that could have been better spent on developing the grass roots of the game and players' salaries. Anybody remember Diego Mendieta?

The vanities of them involved have no limit and it remains to be seen whether or not they can work in tandem for the benefit of, um, you know...

what a coincindance..this title shares the same title with my blog''s all okay...
but i think these kpsi men want total control..look at their unethical attitude on the national team : sacking Blanco,re-including 14 palyers who are bitching out..however, i dont wany any rebel federation's gay..
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