Monday, March 11, 2013


Dead Indonesian Football Fans

An Arema fan was killed after disturbances following their game at . A few days later a PSPS fan died following more trouble that came when his team lost at home to Persepam.

I've lost count of how many supporters who have not returned from a football match in this country and no one does a thing.

Mind you recent disturbances in South Sumatra (between the police and military)and Sumba (where a mob killed a family of seven apparently over a land dispute) suggest there is a crisis in law and order in this country and to show you the pervading mentality an alleged gang leader who was recently arrested in Jakarta pointedly told the media he would not have his 'followers' take any action.

If you what some kind of rationale over this break down of law and order you have come to the wrong place. Did these incidents happen under the New Order regime of Suharto? Is it a result of greater de centralisation or symptomatic of a weak central government? Is it a legacy of a generation growing up disenfranchised , despite the vote, or the teething pains of a society still struggling to come to terms with independence and globalisation that is passing large numbers by?

Buggered if I know...

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