Thursday, March 21, 2013


Bye Bye IPL

So we are coming to the end of the most tedious, drawn out affair in recent years. I am not talking about Lindsay Lohan drinking two cans of fizzy pop and calling herself a pisshead but the Indonesia Premier League.

The first season they promised to change the game and they sure managed that by stopping at the half way point. The next season they went the whole hog with Semen Padang champions.

The IPL remember was the league where salaries would be guaranteed by the league. And people fell for it!

Will they finish the season this time? What's the point? The league is a dead man walking and always has been.

Under the newly agreed format a new league, another one, will begin next season with 22 teams; 18 from the Indonesia Super League and the top four from the IPL.

Teams like Arema IPL, Persija IPl and Persebaya IPL won't be admitted to the new set up because they already exist so we are looking at Semen Padang, PSM and two others. Another reports suggests Persiba Bantul, Persijap, Semen Padang and Persiraja though I find it hard to believe there will be no PSM in any future new league.

The IPL teams are of course not happy but tough. They backed the wrong horse. Clubs like Pro Duta and PSLS were never going to become household names and will have to start again from scratch, working their way up through the leagues.

The IPL bites the dust, a few grown mens vanity dashed on the rocks of reality and the apathy of the football public.

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