Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Melaka Mania

Melaka's own football team seems to have fallen off the map in Malaysia but fans in the historic city will have plenty of football to look forward to this season with no less than four teams calling the city home.

UiTM will use the Hang Tuah Stadium.
PDRM will use the Hang Jebat Stadium
NS Betaria will use Hang Tuah Stadium
SPA will use Hang Jebat Stadium

As far as I can find out no one will use the Hang About Stadium!

Full Malaysia Premier League fixtures can be found on Malaysia Football.

Hang Jebat Stadium been there twice last season LionsXII away games vs KL and Felda.
Never knew there is Hang Tuah Stadium? How about the third warrior Hang Lekir Stadium? Any souvenir tshirts Hang About Stadium?
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