Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The Late Payers

A few years back the PSSI listed players they had put on their blacklist who could not play in the country again. They did of course but you know what a I mean.

According the Indonesian footballers' union the following clubs have either been late playing salaries or have not paid contracts up in full.

Sriwijaya, Pelita Jaya, Persiba Balikpapan, Persija, PSMS, PSPS, Persidafon, Deltras, Arema, Persela, PSAP from the Indonesia Super League, the current rebel league. That is 11 out of 18 clubs. Two more, Persiwa and PSAP to be confirmed

Bontang, Persiba Bantul, Persema, Persija IPL, PSM, Persiraja from the official Indonesia Premier League. That is 8 out of 12 clubs. Two more, Persijap and Persibo to be confirmed.

A tale of shame indeed and remember that is just the top divisions. The picture may well get worse as you go down the divisions.


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