Friday, December 21, 2012


Lonely This Christmas

Another tale of woe that is the reality of football in Indonesia and a consequence of FIFA sitting on their hands just hoping Indonesian football will magically make itself better.

Moukwelle Ebanga Sylvain isn't that well known a player. He doesn't even seem to have a wiki page!

Last season Moukwelle played for Persewangi Banyuwangi in the Divisi Utama of the official PSSI sanctioned league and finished second bottom last season, scoring a massive 11 goals in their 16 games. If the reports are true that players weren't paid for nine months then it's a wonder they managed double figures.

In local media it is being said Moukwelle hasn't been paid for nine months and is now receiving medication. But he can't afford to get the medication from the hospital. Oh no. He needs to go to a local clinic where they are cheaper.

He wants to go home. He has a family in France, it's Christmas and this young man wants to spend the holiday with his family. But he can't. He is quoted as saying he feels like he is in jail.

The LPIS, the body that runs the league that Persewangi play in say they have provided some assistance but it is not clear in what form.

An all too familiar tale unfortunately and one that must have FIFA beaming with pride...

SOURCE - compiled from local media reports with doses of cynicism added as appropriate

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