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Jakarta Casual Awards 2012

One thing about South East Asian football. It is never dull. The headlines off the field are often far more exciting than what happens on it. You can't make up what happens here; not without having your own sanity questioned.

2012 has been as mental as ever. Indonesia continues to be the Noah's Ark of football. Two leagues, two national associations and at one hilarious stage two national teams preparing for the ASEAN Football Federation Cup. I mean which planet are these people on?

The year has also seen the return to glory of Singapore regionally, the SLeague continue to excite and fans continue to stay away while Malaysia is in the grip of Kelantan and Thailand saw the return to glory of Muiang Thong Thani.

OK, so to the awards.


This is the fourth year of the awards and till now no one person or group has won anything twice. That ends now though to be honest I would rather the award went to someone else. The world looked the other way while Diego Mendieta lay dying in a hospital bed in Solo but not the fans of Persis Solo. They raised money to help pay his bills and when he did finally breathe his last they were the ones who let the world know. This wasn't about football it was about humanity and the Persis fans, the Pasoepati, showed a humanity sadly lacking in the corridors of power of Indonesian football.

2012 Pasoepati
2011 Lions All The Way
2010 Pasoepati
2009 Woodlands Wellington


I must admit this last 12 months I have spent a lot less time on the different websites than usual and  I think that is down to the Twitter effect. While trawl the sites when I can have them come to me? So it may not be sexy but the little sky blue bird is the winner for this year. Can the websites fight back?

2012 Twitter
2011 Thai Football Message Board
2010 Pusam FC
2009 Ongisnade


As ever no shortage of candidates for this one. The death of Mendieta, Singapore winning the ASEAN Cup, Muang Thong United rediscovering the fact they are a football club. But none come close to the insanity that FIFA continues to allow happening by sticking their head in the sand and ignore what is happening in Indonesia.

2012 FIFA
2011 Liga Primer Indonesia
2010 Buriram PEA
2009 Noh Alam Shah signing for Arema


Good showings by Arema IPL, Chonburi in the AFC Cup are worthy of a mention as is Muang Thong's dominance of Thailand after their Newin induced Gap year in 2011. In Singapore Tampines came storming through to win the SLeague in the last game of the season. But for shear consistency it comes down to a toss up between Sriwijaya and Muang Thong United with the Indonesians edging it.

2012 Sriwijaya
2011 Buriram PEA
2010 Etoile
2009 Selangor


Malaysians have won this the last years but I give you a clue. Not this year. After a few barren years the Singapore Football Association would not have upset too many people had they backed down in the face of angry letters to the local papers and allowed Raddy Avramovic to leave quietly. But they didn't. They stuck by him and Singapore reaped the benefits. The man bows out head held high.

2012 Raddy Avramovic (Singapore)
2011 Ong Kim Swee (Malaysia Under 23)
2010 Rajagobal (Malaysia)
2009 Richard Bok (SAFFC)


Kawin Thammasatchan (Muang Thong United) - Daniel Bennett (SAFFC), Baihakki Khaizan (LionsX11), Safuwan Baharudin (LionsX11), Teerathon Bunmathan (Buriram United) - Hariono (Persib), Adul Lahso (Chonburi), Safiq Rahim (Selangor) - Teerasil Dangda (Muang Thong United), Keith Kayamba (Sriwijaya), Andik Vermansyah (Persebaya)

Substitutes - Izwan Mahbud (LionsX11), Wahyu Wijiastanto (Semen Padang), Shahdan Sulaiman (Lionsx11), Mustafic Fahruddin (Tampines Rovers), Safee Sali (Pelita Jaya), Norshahrul Idlan Talaha (Kelantan)


Goalkeepers have done well in this category so far and this year is no exception.

2012 Izwan Mahbud (LionsX11)
2011 Khairul Fahmie (Kelantan)
2010 Frederic Mendy (Etoile)
2009 Kawin Thammasatchan (Muang Thong United)


What makes a good footballer? Consistency? Tick. Attitude? Tick. Responsibility? Tick. Keith Kayamba ticks those boxes and many more and just edges out a late challenge fro Thai duo Teerasil and Kawin.

2012 Keith Kayamba (Sriwijaya)
2011 Aleksander Duric (Tampines Rovers)
2010 Pierre Njanka (Arema)
2009 Greg Nwokolo (Persija)

Right, that's 2012 done and dusted and already looking forward to the new year. How much of an impact will Johor Darul Takzim make in Malaysia? How much crap can Indonesian football put up with? Will Buriram give Muang Thong a run for their money? Can the Singapore Football Association translate regional glory into bums on seats? Buggered if I know but keep following Jakarta Casual for the latest...

Wahyu Wijiastanto as sub on team of the year..?
follow me, follow PASOEPATI
Happy New Year Antony. More good years...
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