Friday, November 16, 2012


No Bull In Sleague 2013

who will they support next season?
Sorry to see Gombak United pull out of the SLeague next season saying they anticipate 'a tricky time' during the middle of 2013!

For me at least Gombak were unlucky not to win the title a couple of years back but Singapore's immigration pulled the work permits of a couple of their key players which meant they went through the first half of the season without their planned strike force.

They sure had a strong team that year with players like Obadin, Gabriel Obatala, Kingsley Njokou, Agu Casmir, Mahmadou Bah as well as Fazrul Nawaz.

They plan to return in 2014, assuming no doubt nothing tricky lies on the horizon, but they won't disappear all together with a team still entering the Prime League next year.

I always though a Bull's Head was a pub in Bangkok until I went to a Gombak game and saw their fans wearing them!

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