Sunday, November 18, 2012


Indonesia In 2012

With the AFF Cup just days away I thought it would be interesting, if somewhat depressing, to look back on their year so far.

v Bahrain WCQ (A) 0-10
v Mauritania FR (N) 2-0
v Iraq Kurdistan (N) 1-1
v Palestine B (A) 1-2
v Philippines FR (A) 2-2
v North Korea FR (H) 0-2
v Vietnam FR (H) 0-0
v Brunei FR (A) 5-0
v Vietnam (A) FR 0-0
v Timor Leste FR (H) 1-0
v Cameroon (H) FR 0-0

P 11 W 3 D 5 L 2 F 12 A 17

Top Scorer
5 - Irfan Bachdim

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