Tuesday, October 09, 2012


AFC Asian Cup Draw

Group A - Jordan, Syria, Oman, Singapore
Group B - Iran, Lebanon, Kuwait, Thailand
Group C - Iraq, China, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia
Group D - Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen, Malaysia
Group E - Uzbekistan, UAE, Hong Kong, Vietnam

Looks like there won't be any South East Asian nation going to Australia in 2015 with the possible exception of Vietnam and they have no easy ride.

Maybe Thailand. Well we will see who will make it. Indonesian maybe fcuk up with 2 leagues.... But it was for the better, now they got more players to choose from... And players playing abroad.... Just more professionalism with the management side will cure them... I have faith with the players.... Football passion is extreme in Indonesia and u know that.... Just takes time.... They have the lowest morale ever at the moment.. So it's about time to rise and show that their individual skills can actually be developed towards teamwork... It's all about how they train and who will be the coach...
Which is the Group of Death?
Very poor mainstream media coverage this draw.
No build-up news leading to it.
AFC and AFF fail, I think...
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