Tuesday, September 04, 2012


The Immature Side Of Malaysian Football

Terengganu coach Peter Butler has been threatened, apparently by his own players, after clamping down on ill discipline and 'suspicious activities.

The former West Ham player tweeted yesterday he had been advised to stop riding his bike because he would be attacked!

Last week he dropped two players for breaking curfew. The two, Muslim Ahmad and Ismail Faruqi, have asked the coach for an apology!

At the weekend he took off his keeper, Ahmad Sharbinee Allawee, after an error at a corner.

Malaysian football is forever being mired in match fixing allegations.

As the keeper walked off the field he threw a water bottle at the coach.

Butler was quoted as saying 'the team cannot move forward until we get rid of players who have no regard for discipline or are corrupt.' Words that could just as easily apply to Malaysian football as a whole.

Teregganu FA President  has supported Butler's actions.

Steve Darby had an interesting take on match fixing in the region when he was being interviewed on an English radio station last week. He cited the example of a player who refused an approach from fixers but had to give way when they indirectly threatened his family.

UPDATE 5/9/12

TERENGGANU - Axed goalkeeper Ahmad Sharbinee Allawee said he would clear his name and rejected allegations that he deliberately scored an own goal against his Terengganu team in their Malaysian Cup match against Kedah on Saturday.

The former Malaysian national goalkeeper was instantly hauled off the pitch by English manager Peter Butler after he appeared to fumble a corner into his own net, allowing Kedah the equaliser in the 1-1 draw.

A furious Butler shoved the goalkeeper in the back as he left the pitch, and delivered a stinging verdict afterwards: "We don't need such players. We only want those who put in an honest effort. I can safely say that he won't feature in the team anymore."

But Sharbinee said he welcomes an investigation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission as he has nothing to hide. "I want to clear my name. I have never sold a match and it saddens me that people have labelled me as corrupt," he told The Star newspaper.

Sharbinee, who hurled a water bottle at Butler as he left the pitch, added: "I have always accepted criticism, especially from the coach, but it was always in the dressing room. I admit I lost my temper as he also hurled curses at me. I couldn't contain my anger and retaliated by throwing the water bottle."

He said he would move on if his services were not needed but he wanted to clear up the matter first. 

Terengganu FA President Che Mat Jusoh said the club's management will meet today to attempt to resolve the issue.

Sharbinee is not the only player Butler has axed. Last week, he kicked out two senior players - Muslim Ahmad and Ismail Faruqi - for purportedly breaking a curfew. The two deny the allegations and have demanded an apology.

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