Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Star Footballer Turns Waiter

Harris Harun is widely considered to be the most talented player of his generation. Singapore international and a member of the LionsX11 team that competes in the Malaysian football set up, Harun has been on people's radar for a good few years now.

But instead of being allowed to concentrate fully on his professional career he must spend time in uniform as part of Singapore's National Service.

As part of his duties to prepare to save the nation should it ever be attacked, he spent the recent Grand Prix, which Singapore hosted, delivering 'rations to the front line officers.'

Which sounds awfully like he was a mere minion fetching and carrying for the officers who were watching the race. In other words, a waiter in a uniform.

While people may argue that being a delivery boy will keep his feet on the ground which other country would allow its top athlete to be engaged in such trivial nonsense ahead of a crucial fixture?

LionsX11 play Pahang in the Malaysia Cup tonight in a crucial quarter final tie so don't be surprised if the Pahang players start yelling at Harun to bring them some orange juice or make that slice of pizza warmer!

i speak from experience when i say during your national service, you have to do lots of shite that's not related to your vocation.
I also consider Harris Harun one of the best players I have seen in his generation and not only me my buddy who is a pay per head bookie also considers him like that and he knows a lot about soccer
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