Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Sriwijaya Clean Out

They may have won the Indonesia Super League last season but Sriwijaya will not be relying on the players who led them to the title.

Instead the team from Palembang are having a bit out of a clear out with some familiar names leading the way.

The highest profile is without doubt Keith Kayamba Gumbs. 40 years young next Wednesday, Kayamba has been an integral part of Sriwijaya's successes over the last five years, helping them to two titles, three cups and a Community Shield along the way.

An outstanding pro, he has kept himself fit and his dedication to the game is an example to young players.

Following him out of the door is Brazilian Hilton Moreira.

Three local players are also leaving. Firman Utina, M Ridwan and Supardi have apparently signed for Persib.

no wonder they're gone,, they only had a year on their contracts.. after winning the title, they're in the better position for renegotiation,, and the club couldn't do anything for them with limited budget..
they usually only have 12 month contracts. very few indonesian teams offer more than that
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