Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Indonesian Clubs Consider Mergers

As we near the end of the dualism nonsense that has plagued Indonesian football for so long some clubs are looking at merging as they realise they have no idea how to actually raise money through sponsorship to fund themselves.

The first one mooted was between Pelita Jaya and Deltras, both owned by the same group. Pelita Jaya of course have previously played in Jakarta, Solo, Cilegon, Purwakarta and Soreang among others before hitting on Karawang while Deltras started life in Bali before moving to Sidoarjo.

That move seems to have been poo pooed by the Deltras support so now Pelita Jaya have turned their attention to working, somehow, with Arema, again same owners. Which is daft. How the hell someone can NOT cash in on the Arema brand is beyond me.

One other merger in the news recently concerns PSS Sleman and PSIM Yogyakarta. PSS boast one of the best stadiums in the country as well as a keen support who travel in large numbers to away games despite the fact they have only played in the Divisi Utama in recent years.

That particular merger has yet to be confirmed.

Sometimes I wonder if my fellow Brisbane Roar forumites have the slightest inkling as to how our illustrious benefactors operate... Thx JC! ;)
Bakrie Ownership Thread...
hey Cam I thought I was the only one that wondered that, it is so nice to know that another person besides me and my pay per head friend wonder this too
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