Monday, September 10, 2012


Embarrassment & More Embarrassments For PSSI

The last couple of times Indonesia have hosted Malaysia the Bung Karno Stadium has been an uncomfortable sell out. Over 90,000 for the AFF Cup Final and the SEA Games Final.

Last night's friendly  between the respective Under 22 teams saw an all but empty stadium.

Further embarrassment for the PSSI came at the national games being held in Riau when their officials were sent home! The national games, which feature the provinces that make up Indonesia, will be refereed by officials from the Indonesia Super League, not the official Premier League.

The embarrassments keep piling up for the PSSI but these people, like their predecessors, have thick skin. Forget water off a duck's back, this is grenades off a rhino's back.

Last week the secretary general quit.

More red faces coming soon. A second national team is being prepared in Batu near Malang. This squad is being coached by Alfred Riedl who was unceremoniously sacked when the new regime took over. Now the Austrian coach risks sanction by FIFA for working with an unsanctioned national team...if those bozos ever wake up to what is happening in this parts.

Riedl was quoted as saying that he is a coach and not a politician, implying it is not his business who pays his wedge.

Still, as the general secretary in the last regime once famously said, to paraphrase him, we've done enough things, a few more won't make much difference!

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