Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Butler On His Bike

Now far be it for me to generalise but bosses in this part of the world like their subordinates to scrape, bow and doff their caps. They don't like people to have opinions without first making sure the opinion coincides with the party line. Whatever that may be.

A few weeks ago Terengganu coach Peter Butler dropped two players from his squad because they broke curfew one night and brought ladies back to their hotel room.

Days later the coach, who used to play for West Ham United, hauled off his goal keeper, Malaysian international Ahmad Sharbinee, after he conceded a goal in suspicious circumstances. For people who have been living under a rock, Malaysian football has long been blighted with match fixing associations.

Both the curfew breakers and the keeper responded angrily to being disciplined and denied any wrong doing.

In many countries the coach's job is to coach and he has full control over the players. Not so in this part of the world. The players can bypass the coach and go straight to the club president, manager whatever and on too many occasions the club will over rule the coach.

Instead of currying favour with the players as the manager or whatever will be trying to do, all they succeed in doing is undermining the coach and his position. Not a good idea if you want to build a successful football club.

Of course not everyone involved in running football clubs in this part of the world is interested in football; they have their own agenda.

In the wake of Butler taking disciplinary action the English coach posted on Twitter that he had been advised to not ride his bike round Kuala Terengganu! It would be pathetic if it wasn't true!

Now the Terengganu Football Association have suspended Butler for six months while giving the players a slap on the wrist. Butler's offence? He spoke to the media without the approval of the management team. Rumours that the Terengganu management team include Fred Flintsone and Barney Rubble is not confirmed but their thinking does seem to be most certainly stone age.

When asked if they would replace Butler the FA said yes, if he resigned.

Poor poor Butler Butler. Feel for him.
Two times at wrong place and wrong time (first Kelantan and then Terengganu).
That's practically kampong (rural) football for you and then literally stone-age FA.
Hopefully justice will prevail for Butler with reasonable people like their Menteri Besar and the fan club supporting him.
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