Saturday, September 08, 2012


Apathy At The Top Damages Singapore Football

Singapore's preparations for the AFF Cup later this year got off to a poor start last night when they were beaten 2-0 by the Philippines in front of just under 3,000.

People left blaming the pitch but surely the same for both sides. The mere fact that there is no decent pitch in Singapore must be a kick in the teeth for the people supposedly responsible for the game and sports in the country and highlights the government's 'we don't give a shit' attitude.

The National Stadium was demolished a few years back and the replacement, grandly known as a sports hub, that's what Singapore rulers care about, business school bullshit, is still someway down the line.

Meaning there is nowhere. And this in a country/city that some fawning organisation recently declared was a better sports city than Melbourne! The things people do for a couple of free nights in a pricey hotel.

With this institutional apathy why should anyone else give a rat's arse about the game there?

Singapore's results this year.

A v Azerbaijan 2-2
A v Iraq 1-7
A v Hong Kong 0-1
H v Malaysia 2-2
A v Malaysia 0-2
H v Hong Kong 2-0
H v Philippines 0-2

Malaysian players have come up against the likes of Arsenal, Manchester City and Queens Park Rangers in trophy friendlies. Singapore have played Hong Kong home and away!

UPDATE - sorry, second best sports city in the world after Melbourne!

Link to an article about second best to Melbourne?
The original is now a dead link...was in today online
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