Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Alternate Indonesia Aussie Ambitions

I don't make this shit up. I couldn't. Despite leaving my logic locked up in a left luggage locker at Heathrow I am still prone to WTF moments but in Indonesia them moments are less moments and more fully fledged soap operas.

Today Indonesia is sending a team to play Vietnam in a friendly ahead of the AFF Cup later this year. Meanwhile another team is being prepared to compete in the same competition and they are currently in a training camp near Malang.

The Vietnam bound team is the official PSSI sanctioned team and features players from the IPL. The team in Malang is picked from the ISL and really has no official recognition from the football world.

The unofficial team are now talking about going to Australia for training and a friendly against an A League team. Except of course they are not an official national team so it is highly unlikely the Football Federation of Australia would allow one of its members to play against them. Just in case FIFA were alert and took action which is another story.

Of course if this team were to go to Australia it is highly likely they would want to play Brisbane Roar who are owned by the group that effectively bankrolls the unofficial national team. They may be used to doing things their way in Indonesia. Would Australia be so forgiving?

Talk of a players strike soon dissipated and they have again politely divided themselves into the two warring camps, acqueising to the demands and ambitions of the various power brokers. Truth be told they would be on thin ice indeed if they did go on strike. The rival bodies really don't give a shit and would happily kick out the experienced pros and use unknown kids and face down any whining from FIFA, FIFPro or whoever.

The farce shows no sign of ending

let's just see the result of the Joint Committee meeting..

in my opinion, the only problem is that Djohar Arifin still refuses to legitimate the ISL, although it's quite clear that his IPL didn't do very well..
hmm I do not know much about the Indonesian soccer, and that is why I asked my friend who works at a pay per head sportsbook and I come here to learn more about it
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