Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The Teflon One

Thai FA chief Worawi Makudi plans to file a countersuit against a South Korean company which is sueing him for fraud.

Daihan 21 (now Daihan Yonhap) yesterday filed a lawsuit with the Criminal Court against the Football Association of Thailand and its president Worawi claiming that they tricked the company into joining a business to oversee the commercial and broadcasting rights for the FAT from 2007-2011.
The firm claimed it had transferred a total of US$900,000 to an FAT's bank account but the two parties have since failed to give the company the rights.
The court set the initial hearing on Nov 12.
Worawi said the move was aimed at discrediting his reputation and that he would file his own suit against the company.
"Which account? I know nothing about it," Worawi said.
"I have been working very hard for Thai football but am still bullied so I have to fight."
Meanwhile, Supachai Chaisamut, chairman of the House committee on counter-corruption has asked Worawi to show the committee the FAT's tax payment record.
"I will certainly go to see them but I wonder why they ask me to meet them," he said. "This is a matter of the FAT overseeing its commercial rights which has nothing to do with the public sector."

COMMENT - what planet do these people live on? This is the guy who offered to support England's world cup bid in return for England playing a friendly in Bangkok then reneging on the offer.

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