Thursday, August 16, 2012


Duric Double Douses Doubters

When Raddy Avramovic announced his squad to play Hong Kong in a friendly there were the usual whines in Singapore. Not Duric. Not again. He's too old. Why, they whined, do we have to rely on a 42 year old foreigner?

Why indeed.

Singapore defeated Hong Kong 2-0 yesterday and both goals were scored by that old man, Duric. That's 25 goals in 47 international appearances.

Now I may be now coach but those numbers suggest why he is still Raddy's first choice. Them numbers don't lie.

The man keeps himself incredibly fit, rarely misses games through injury.

Compare that with Robin van Persie who Manchester United have just spunked 23 million quid on. You can imagine all the Singaporean Man U fans flocking to buy the latest replica shirt and paying to have RVP's name on the back despite the fact he has spent most of his career injured.

Yet they complain about someone in their own backyard who keeps himself fit and does the business year in, year out.

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