Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Everton Tickets

There has still been no official announcement, as far as I can tell, regarding tickets for the Java Cup that is supposed to start next week!

If and or when something is announced I will post it here...

UPDATE - these prices come from the Twitter account of the CEO of the Indonesia Premier League.

VVIP - 1,500,000 IDR (about 100 GBP)
VIP West - 1,000,000 IDR
VIP East - 750,000 IDR (about 50 GBP)
Category 1 - 300,000 IDR (about 20 GBP)
Category 2 - 100,000 IDR
Tribune - 75,000 IDR (about 5 GBP)

The prices for the expensive tickets are about what you would pay at English Premier League, not a friendly that will see loads of stops and starts for substitutions.

thx for the info, mate..but,i am more interested in seeing the turks.see ya
Olá ótimo blog, confira o meu e me siga ?
same prices yudi!
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