Monday, May 21, 2012


Bojan's Thoughts On Kelantan Cup Triumph

In the absence of any match report or tweets every few seconds from saturday's FA Cup Final between Kelantan and Sime Darby at the Bukit Jalil Stadium, here are the thoughts of Kelantan's coach Bojan Hodak.

'Great atmosphere, 2 hours before game was almost full stadium, in this atmosphere we couldnt lose
Today I read that Kelantan didnt play so well, problem is that everyone expect 3-0 4-0 but Sime Darby played 8-1-1, after they conceded the goal they changed to 8-0-2.

The pitch was horrible, Kelantan had 59% ball possesion, 10 shoots on goal, Sime Darby 2 and Kelantan goalkeeper fell sleep!

All finals are ugly, we come to win without risk and we did it. This is only important, Sime Darby work hard but we never give them chance.'

Next up is Terengganu in AFC Cup and Bojan feels it will be another tough match.

'They are fresh, we are empty physically and mentally so for me will be most dificult to motivate players but we are playing in Kelantan so with our fans we are always favorite to win'

However Kelantan's eyes are firmly on the Super League and a win against Johor FC brings that dream one step closer.

'In all 6 games in the group we played mixed team, always we rested someone and most probably tomorrow will do the same because on Saturday we are in Johor, if we beat Johor FC League title will be very near'

If all players in your team are good, you dont need Wenger or Pep or Butler or Bojan - read Barcelona and Invincibles Arsenal...
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