Saturday, April 28, 2012


Controversy Reigns In Indonesia

A late penalty for home team in Balikpapan helped Persiba claw back a two goal deficit. Persija complained long and hard but they should also take a good look at themselves for their marking, or lack thereof, that allowed the equaliser deep in injury time.

And just now we witnessed Arema scoring a late winner against Pelita Jaya. An Arema striker went down, took a quick free kick that caught the visiting defence asleep and it was 3-2. Did the ref blow for a free kick? Did he allow it to be taken quickly?

So in that second incident we were treated to one teams under one ownership playing up on a TV channel owned by the same group!

I guess we could wait for the detailed analysis that comes post match where we can pore over every TV angle. Oh, wait a minute, how silly of me!

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