Monday, April 30, 2012


Bobotoh Go Where Blackburn Fans Fear To Tread

Blackburn Rovers fans have spent all season trying to get rid of the club owners who they blame for Steve Kean, Alan Shearer leaving and the rising cost of petrol. They wave their banners, they chant You Don't Know What You're Doing then they rush to get the bus to get home in time for tea.

Persib fans recently decided they had tired of Persib manager Umuh Muchtar, known in these parts as Um-Mourihno. Certainly under his stewardship the club, one of the biggest in the country, have become nothing more than also rans. Coaches have come on gone, accusations of player power have filled the air and Persib are no nearer winning a trophy.

So the fans are revolting. Their home game against Persipura was played behind closed doors, apparently because said Umuh didn't fancy the protests that were being promised by the Persib faithful, win or lose. Persib lost 1-0 and I understand, though cannot confirm, there were some disturbances in the streets around the stadium.

To be fair, Umuh has done some things right. Persib do have the look of a modern day football club about them. They sell replica shirts, have an official website and sell advertising boards. No big deal? It is here, in Indonesia!

News today that Umuh is considering stepping down. A speedy response by the Persib fans that could have their counterparts in Blackburn salivating, wondering what more they can do.

Thing is the Persib fans don't give a shit and have nothing to lose so throwing the odd brick or whatever doesn't phase them too much. Them Blackburn fans would shit it if they missed the last bus home or got their match programme creased.

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