Monday, April 30, 2012


Bobotoh Go Where Blackburn Fans Fear To Tread

Blackburn Rovers fans have spent all season trying to get rid of the club owners who they blame for Steve Kean, Alan Shearer leaving and the rising cost of petrol. They wave their banners, they chant You Don't Know What You're Doing then they rush to get the bus to get home in time for tea.

Persib fans recently decided they had tired of Persib manager Umuh Muchtar, known in these parts as Um-Mourihno. Certainly under his stewardship the club, one of the biggest in the country, have become nothing more than also rans. Coaches have come on gone, accusations of player power have filled the air and Persib are no nearer winning a trophy.

So the fans are revolting. Their home game against Persipura was played behind closed doors, apparently because said Umuh didn't fancy the protests that were being promised by the Persib faithful, win or lose. Persib lost 1-0 and I understand, though cannot confirm, there were some disturbances in the streets around the stadium.

To be fair, Umuh has done some things right. Persib do have the look of a modern day football club about them. They sell replica shirts, have an official website and sell advertising boards. No big deal? It is here, in Indonesia!

News today that Umuh is considering stepping down. A speedy response by the Persib fans that could have their counterparts in Blackburn salivating, wondering what more they can do.

Thing is the Persib fans don't give a shit and have nothing to lose so throwing the odd brick or whatever doesn't phase them too much. Them Blackburn fans would shit it if they missed the last bus home or got their match programme creased.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


SLeague Fun And Games

There's never a dull moment in Singapore. Last night we saw the champions Tampines Rovers defeated at home by SAFFC while Home United were turned over by Tanjong Pagar 1-0. A Tanjong Pagar team it will be remembered, possibly, who shipped five to Young Lions last time out.

Which all means the SLeague table remains its freshness albeit with a distinctly foreign feel to it.

1 - DPMM 10 7 2 1 21-9 23
2 - Balestier Khalsa 10 6 3 1 12-6 21
3 - Harimau Muda 10 6 2 2 17-9 20

8 - Shotaro Ihata (Home United), Aleksander Duric (Tampines Rovers)
7 - Jordan Webb (Hougang United)
6 - Shahrazan Said (DPMM), Frederic Mendy (Home United), Mislav Karoglan (SAFFC)


Singapore Cup 2012 Draw

DPMM FC vs Home United
Singapore Armed Forces FC vs Balestier Khalsa
Gombak United vs Harimau Muda
Tanjong Pagar United vs Hougang United
Yotha FC (Laos) vs Albirex Niigata (Singapore)
Phnom Penh Crown vs Tampines Rovers
Loyola Meralco Sparks (Philippines) vs Geylang United
Kanbazwa FC (Myanmar) vs Woodlands Wellington

The Young Lions are missing from this year's competition as are Harimau Muda who are replaced by, umm, Harimau Muda. There are two Harimau Muda teams, A compete in the SLeague but not the Singapore Cup while B compete in the Singapore Cup but not the SLeague.

The SLeague teams were seeded based upon the results of a ball juggling competition! Seriously...find the story here.

Last year's cup was won by Home United, defeating Albirex Niigata in the final.


It's An Indonesian Thing

Last Saturday I went to see Newcastle United play Stoke City. 26 quid a ticket but at least the game kicked off when it said it would. The kick off was clearly stated on the match ticket as well as the match programme, the Newcastle website, the Stoke website and the Premier League website.

Today I planned to go see Persipasi host PPSM at Ciracas Field in the official Divisi Utama. As far as I can make out, Persipasi don't have a website. Divisi Utama do and on their website they clearly stated the game was on Sunday.

So I went to the pub for a couple of pre match beers ahead of the game. Then I saw a tweet from Persipasi saying they had won 2-0. Ok, I've long suspected results in Indonesia have been fixed in advance, joke, but tannounced two hours before kick off?

Further enquiry revealed the game had been played yesterday!

If the supposedly official website can't get the day right then how the hell can Indonesian football expect itself to be taken seriously by anyone beyond the hard core who are in the loop?

Of course if I try to ask what happened, people will smile, shrug their shoulders and say this is Indonesia.

I don't accept that. It's a get out of jail card to excuse incompetence and it presupposes Indonesians are happy enough to accept this bullshit. They're not of course. Check out how many relatively wealthy locals follow foreign teams and the money they spend following those teams in all liklihood they will never see in the flesh. And then ask why none of their money is filling the coffers of the local game.

Brushing off incomptence as an Indonesian thing is an insult to Indonesians. Not me. Locals. Treat potential punters like shit, espevially those with a bit of cash to spend, and they will take their money elsewhere.

Be the change you wanna see in the others.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Persija Won't Be Alone In Solo

Not for the first time in living memory Persija Jakarta are being forced to play home games far from their home town. This time it's their next two home games which have been moved to Manahan Stadium in Solo. The reason? Apparently there are large demonstrations or marches being scheduled in Jakarta to commemorate May Day.

The two affected games are against Persela on 2/5 and Arema on 6/5.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Neither game is on 1/5. What do you want, logic? Of course it makes no sense. It ain't supposed to make sense.

Despite the distance to Solo, perhaps 12 hours by economy train, we can still expect several thousand Persija fans to travel and given the good relationships between the fans of Persija, Arema and Persela as well as hosts Solo there may well be a few extra rupiah flowing into the local economy.


Controversy Reigns In Indonesia

A late penalty for home team in Balikpapan helped Persiba claw back a two goal deficit. Persija complained long and hard but they should also take a good look at themselves for their marking, or lack thereof, that allowed the equaliser deep in injury time.

And just now we witnessed Arema scoring a late winner against Pelita Jaya. An Arema striker went down, took a quick free kick that caught the visiting defence asleep and it was 3-2. Did the ref blow for a free kick? Did he allow it to be taken quickly?

So in that second incident we were treated to one teams under one ownership playing up on a TV channel owned by the same group!

I guess we could wait for the detailed analysis that comes post match where we can pore over every TV angle. Oh, wait a minute, how silly of me!

Friday, April 27, 2012


Mitra Kukar Clearout

Following the departure of coach Simon McMenemy, Mitra Kukar have also dispensed with the services of two of their high profile imports. Cameroonian defender Pierre Njanka has represented his country and helped guide Arema to the ISL title back in 2009/2010 has been deemed surplus to requirements and is now training with nearby Persisam.

English striker Marcus Bent has similarly left the club, apparently they felt he hadn't contributed enough! Read into that what you will.


Bloody Hell!

Yep, that was my initial reaction when I heard  Persiwa Wamena had lost a home game cos it don't happen very often. My surprise was tempered somewhat with the knowledge that the winning team was Persipura; um, yeah.

But hey, a home defeat is still a home defeat. Who knows, after finding out the world has not ended and mutant frogs did not fall from the sky, they may lose again.

Nah. Let's not get carried away!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Indonesia Cup 3rd Round Draw

Ok so I missed the second round but hey, this ain't a yearbook!

Semen Padang v Pro Duta
PSMS v Persiraja
PSLS v Persebaya
PSIS v Persik
PPSM v Persis
Persiba Bantul v Perseman
Persema v Persibo
PSM v Arema

Some interesting ties. Semen Padang, who were a sponsor of the national team during the SEA Games, meet Pro Duta who are owned by a guy who has got himself on a lot of PSSI committees. Couple of tasty local affairs too with PPSM against Persis and Persema playing Persibo

Ties to be played on two leg basis and are scheduled for 9 and 23 May but don't go booking your hols ok?


Divisi Utama Side Pull The Plug

Reports suggesting PS Bengkulu from Group One of the official version of the Divisi Utama have withdrawn from the league citing financial concerns.

I thought in this new, all wonderful, all singing, all dancing era of new management at the PSSI we would never see clubs complaining about having no money.

I'm also hearing of other clubs in the same league where players have yet to be paid.

Plus ca change, eh?


Stags' AFC Cup Ambitions End

A disappointing evening for SLeague champions Tampines Rovers as they bowed out of the AFC Cup at the Jalan Besar Stadium, drawing 0-0 with Hong Kong side Kitchee.With one game remaining, away to Vietnamese side Song Lam Nghe An, Tampines have just five points from their five group games and a single win; admittedly a surprising one away to Malaysian side Terengganu.

Tampines have struggled to score during the cup, netting just five goals while Kitchee, who feature former Muang Thong United and Bradford City defender Zesh Rehman, had conceded just two.

In the final group game, the two qualified sides, Kitchee and Terangganu, will fight it out in Hong Kong to decide who will finish top while Tampines will fly to Vietnam knowing that defeat there would see them finish bottom of the group.

All such  a contrast to Home United who defeated Citizen, also in Hong Kong, the previous night to secure their place in the next round along with Chonburi.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


The Night Of The Big Cats

Heady days for Balestier Khalsa (nicknamed Tigers). Last night they defeated Harimau Muda (Young Tigers) 2-0 to return to the top of the SLeague. Goals from Hamqaamal Shah and Ruhaizad Ismail secured the points for Darren Stewart's men.

In last night's other game Young Lions (Lions) earned their first win of the season, thumping Tanjong Pagar Jaguars) 5-0 away from home, two of the goals coming from Jonathon Toto.

The Young Lions climbed off the bottom with Tanjong Pagar replacing them

Friday, April 20, 2012


Home Win But DPMM Stay Top

Yesterday saw first against second and it was Home United who came out on top, edging DPMM 1-0 at the Bishan Stadium with the only goal coming from Frederic Mendy on three minutes. The crowd for this top of the table clash was 1,006 and DPMM, despite the reverse, stay top!

Yesterdays other game saw Albirex Niigata overcome champions Tampines Rovers by the same narrow margin. 1,227 were there to see Yasuhiro's 64th minute winner.

Tonight sees Young Lions take on Tanjong Pagar. The Young Lions have had a tough time so far with just a single point from their opening seven games.

In tonight's other game, Balestier Khalsa can go top if they defeat Harimau Muda

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Buriram United Start Like Buriram PEA

Finding it very difficult to get excited about Thai football this season. All the naked politicking and name changes, usually related, can only do short term damage to the game up there.

Buriram United, who won the league when they were known as Buriram PEA and PEA, are unbeaten and sit top of the TPL. They have won every game, won every won toss and probably won every lottery since the start of the season.

Osotspa have started the season brightly and sit third despite having lost two of their opening five games.

1 - Buriram United 4 4 0 0 13-3 12
2 - Muang Thong 5 3 2 0 15-9 11
3 - Osotspa 5 3 0 2 9-8 9
4 - Bangkok Glass 5 2 3 0 7-3 9
5 - BEC Tero 5 3 0 2 7-5 9

5 - Cleiton Silva (BEC Tero)
4 - Luiz Eduardo Purcino (Osotspa), Teersil Dangda (Muang Thong United)


Indonesia Premier League

1 - Semen Padang 13 6 6 1 23-12 24
2 - PSM 13 6 4 3 20-13 22
3 - Persibo 13 6 2 5 17-14 20

9 - Edward Wilson Junior (Semen Padang)
8 - Ferdinand Sinaga (Semen Padang)
7 - Emile Mbamba (Persema), Nur Iskander (Persibo), Rahmat (PSM)


Indonesia Super League

1 - Persipura 20 12 6 2 36-21 42
2 - Sriwijaya 18 12 3 3 40-16 39
3 - Persiwa 19 11 4 4 32-22 37

15 - Keith Kayamba (Sriwijaya)
13 - Safee Sali (Pelita Jaya), Alberto Goncalves (Persipura)
12 - Hilton Moreria (Sriwijaya), Bambang Pamungkas (Persija)

Important game for Sriwijaya away to Persisam this afternoon. Victory would take them back above Persipura on goal difference


Hougang Owner In Rangers Bid

The geezer who owns Hougang United is a leading contender to take over stricken Scottish giant Rangers.

Under his stewardship he has changed their name, club colours and nickname!

Previously Hougang, who are mid table in the SLeague this season, were known as Sengkang Punggol after numerous mergers too complex for me typing in a freezing front room.

Last season he changed the name to Hougang to better represent the area where the club are based, funnily enough Hougang.

Wonder what he has in mind for Rangers? Perhaps calling them Ibrox United, it must be a united you see, changing their shirt colour to green? Installing plenty of fruit machines?

It will certainly be a culture shock when he finds out how many revenue streams Rangers both in reality and potential.

Hougang United host Rangers in friendly?!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Newin To The Rescue!

Buriram United chairman Newin Chidchob has vowed to continue his bid to find out if there are financial irregularities in football management.

During a meeting of representatives of Thai Premier League clubs last month, Newin asked TPL chairman Vichit Yamboonruang about the broadcasting rights of TPL matches and other income but Vichit could not give an answer.

Newin wondered where the money had gone because TPL clubs have received only small sums from the two governing bodies.

Siam Sport Syndicate executives, including chairman Ravi Lothong, have since admitted on a couple of occasions that the firm is responsible for managing the TV rights and other income regarding the domestic league for the TPL.

The executives said the operation was in red and challenged any party to bid for the job. They reportedly mentioned Newin's name in their explanations.

Newin yesterday hit back at Siam Sport Syndicate and argued that he had never asked the group for an explanation.

In an open letter to football fans, FAT president Worawi Makudi and Vichit, he said he had not known before that Siam Sport Syndicate was overseeing financial matters for the TPL and that he believed few people had known this before.

He said Vichit must give a clear-cut explanation and not Siam Sport Syndicate.

Newin said he was ready to meet Siam Sport, TPL and FAT bosses but representatives of TPL clubs, journalists and football fans must be allowed to attend such a meeting.

He vowed to continue his attempt to "find out the truth" and urged concerned parties to join his investigation.

"I will continue doing this until the truth comes out," he said.

He also promised that his attempt would not become a farce.

"I am not trying to seek personal gain," Newin said.

"I do not have personal problems or conflict with Siam Sport Syndicate, the TPL or the FAT. I am doing this for the sake of Thai football.

"You should not look down on football fans. Don't think that they are stupid."

SOURCE - Bangkok Post


The Nonsense Continues

Tuesday’s dueling news conferences offered viewers a microcosm of the twisting tale that is Indonesian football.

Amid the hubbub over the sensational arrival of former national team coach Alfred Riedl, the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) suddenly shifted course and said it would once again allow players from the breakaway Indonesian Super League to turn out for the Merah Putih.

“To build a great national team, we’ll need all the best players we have,” said Bernhard Limbong, a national team supervisor and PSSI executive committee member. “Starting [Wednesday], we’ll let the coach call up all the best players, even if they play in the ISL.”

Limbong claimed the PSSI had made the decision at its annual congress in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, on March 18 but was just waiting for the right time to announce it.

“This is part of our efforts for reconciliation. We want to show the ISL there is no discrimination in the national team,” he said. “Players from the ISL can be called up to senior team, Under-23, Under-21 and other levels.”

That would put the PSSI at odds with world governing body FIFA, which in December said players from non-sanctioned leagues were banned from competing for their national team.

In the wake of that decision, Indonesia fielded an inexperienced squad — mainly U-23 players from the Indonesian Premier League — for its final 2014 World Cup qualifier, a 10-0 loss at Bahrain on Feb. 29. It had used ISL players in its seven previous qualifiers despite the IPL being the officially sanctioned top flight.

The next national team events are a U-23 tournament in Palestine in May and U-22 Asian Cup qualifying in June.

Limbong acknowledged the potential issues but said the PSSI would try to avoid any sanctions.

“We’ll notify FIFA and the AFC [Asian Football Confederation] about this decision. We’ll make them understand that this is the best way to end the dispute,” he said. “We’ll explain to them that all PSSI members agree with the decision. We believe they will understand.”

He also rejected suggestions that the move was meant to curry favor with players after Riedl returned to Jakarta on Sunday.

Reports suggested the Austrian had arrived to coach the national team of the “shadow” PSSI formed by Indonesian Football Savior Committee (KPSI) members and chaired by La Nyalla Mattalitti, but Riedl denied that.

“There is no offer. I was invited by friends to come to Indonesia and I came here as we have to keep close with our friends,” said Riedl, who had 11 months left on his contract when he was sacked just days after a “pro-reform” group took over the PSSI last July and installed Djohar Arifin Husin as chairman.

However, La Nyalla’s deputy Rahim Soekasah said the shadow PSSI would decide on Friday whether to offer Riedl the job.

“Riedl is the one who started the national team’s rejuvenation and we think he’s the right person to head the national team,” Rahim said.

National team players said they just wanted the months of uncertainty to end soon.

“It’s great that the PSSI has opened the national team door for ISL players,” said Persisam Samarinda striker Yongki Aribowo, who has eight caps and two goals with the Merah Putih.

“I really want to wear the [national team] jersey again. But most of all, I want the problems to be settled first. I don’t want our country to be sanctioned by FIFA just because we [ISL players] play for the national team.”

Sriwijaya FC goalkeeper Ferry Rotinsulu said he had mixed feelings about the news.

“[The PSSI] kept us from playing for the national team because they said they didn’t want to break FIFA’s rules. Why are they willing to break the rules now?” Ferry said. “I just want one PSSI and one national team, period.”

SOURCE - The Jakarta Globe

Friday, April 06, 2012


Annuar Shut Up. Finally!

SINGAPORE - He was scathing in his comments about Singapore's re-entry into Malaysian domestic football competitions, saying on his Facebook page that the move was fuelled by a drive to raise betting revenue, and suggesting that a similar baseline had also influenced decisions surrounding the LionsXII.

While the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) have moved to distance themselves from the statements of their deputy president Annuar Musa, they will not have to contend with the outspoken Kelantan FA president in the near future.

Annuar faced the FAM disciplinary committee yesterday for his public criticism of the Malaysian national team, was found guilty and suspended for two-and-a-half years.

The punishment meted out by the FAM disciplinary committee headed by Taufik Abdul Razak means Annuar will have to relinquish his position in the FAM hierarchy and also give up his post as the Kelantan FA president.

After the three-hour hearing at the FAM headquarters yesterday, Annuar was met by members of the media but would not comment as he had to seek permission from the FAM Executive Committee.

He left the building to greet a crowd of around 200 of his supporters who had gathered to show their support.

"Stay calm and do not over-react to this punishment," he told the crowd.

Speaking to Today, FAM general-secretary Azzuddin Ahmad said yesterday: "I have no comments to make on the punishment handed out to Tan Sri Annuar (Musa)."

As for the controversial comments Annuar made on his Facebook post, Azzudin said: "The FAM is distancing ourselves from the statements made by him on the LionsXII, because those were made in his personal capacity. We will not comment on the matter."

COMMENT - I love the fact that 200 people spontaneously turned up to show their support for a political figure. Oh, wait a minute, are you suggesting it may not have been off the cuff? How dare you...


Official ACL Update

Former champions Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors and Gamba Osaka both registered timely first wins of the AFC Champions League this week as the Group Stage of the 2012 edition reached the halfway point with Al Jazira and Al Ittihad maintaining the only 100% records.

Last year’s beaten finalists Jeonbuk ended Buriram United’s perfect record in Group H as first half goals from Lee Dong-gook and substitute Seo Sang-min ensured the K-League champions bounced back from beginning the new continental campaign with back-to-back 5-1 defeats.

With J.League champions Kashiwa Reysol and Chinese Super League champions Guangzhou Evergrande sharing a goalless draw in Japan, 2006 champions Jeonbuk moved within three points of Thai treble winners Buriram, who saw their lead at the top cut to two points.

“Having won three points, we are happy but we know that there is a long road ahead. I do not believe we are playing at our best due to injuries,” said Jeonbuk coach Lee Heung-sil.

“We are certainly confident about our chances in the next game at home. We will do our best to try and get more wins.”

Under the guidance of new coach Masanobu Matsunami, Gamba picked up their first win of 2012 as two penalties from Brazilian striker Rafinha and a third goal by former AFC Player of the Year Yasuhito Endo earned the J.League side a 3-1 win over Bunyodkor in Group E.

Matsunami took over as Gamba coach last week following the dismissal of Jose Carlos Serrao and, after picking up a point in their J.League encounter against Albirex on Saturday, the 2008 winners earned their first win of the season after defeats by Korea Republic’s Pohang Steelers and Adelaide United had threated the campaign of the 2008 champions.

"I am happy with my first win as manager, and this was brought by a team effort. But we are not the side to celebrate just because of one win. We will fix what we have to fix to move on to the next game,” said Matsunami.

"This victory gives us three points, which means a lot to us as our group is pretty even and competitive.”

Gamba’s win, coupled with Pohang’s 1-0 home victory over Australia’s Adelaide, leaves all four teams covered by just three points, with clear of Gamba and Bunyodkor three points off the pace.

Adelaide saw their 100% record ended as an uncharacteristic error from goalkeeper Eugene Galekovic handed Pohang a 1-0 win at a chilly Steelyard.

Galekovic had been the cornerstone of Adelaide's wins over Bunyodkor and Gamba, but the Reds captain failed to hold Hwang Jin-sung's 68th minute free-kick and Kim Dae-ho pounced to turn the ball home from close range.

UAE Pro League champions Al Jazira, meanwhile, have one foot in the Round of 16 after posting an impressive 2-1 win over Esteghlal in Iran, while two-time winners Al Ittihad edged closer to sealing passage from Group A after edging out debutants Baniyas 1-0 in Jeddah.

Brazilian Bare netted the winner with 18 minutes remaining as Al Jazira handed Esteghlal their first ever home defeat in the AFC Champions League to move five points clear of Iranian side at the top of the table.

Qatar’s Al Rayyan sit a further point off the pace after picking up their first points of the campaign as goals from Rodrigo Tabata, Daniel Goumou and Ahmed Alaadin secured a hard-fought 3-1 win over spirited AFC Cup winners Nasaf.

In Group B, Saudi Arabia’s Al Ittihad needed an 80th minute penalty from Naif Hazazi to end Baniyas’ unbeaten start to their maiden AFC Champions League campaign and also move a step closer to securing passage to the last 16 after reaching the semi-finals last year.

With Uzbekistan’s Pakhtakor beating Al Arabi of Qatar 3-1 thanks to late goals from Dilshod Sharofetdinov and Temurkhuja Abdukholiqov, Al Ittihad also moved five points clear of Baniyas and Pakhtakor with three games remaining.

Elsewhere, Japanese Emperor’s Cup winners FC Tokyo remained three points clear at the top of Group F alongside Ulsan Hyundai after extending their unbeaten start with a 1-1 draw with Beijing Guoan.

Aria Jasuru Hasegawa’s second goal of the campaign a minute before half-time at the Workers’ Stadium cancelled out Wang Xiaolong’s early penalty as Beijing were forced to settle for a second consecutive 1-1 draw at home.

With K-League side Ulsan coming from behind to earn a 1-1 draw at home to Australia’s Brisbane Roar, unbeaten duo Ulsan and FC Tokyo lead the way with winless pair Beijing and Brisbane both still in touching distance just three points off the pace.

Japan’s Nagoya Grampus, meanwhile, posted the first win in Group G after easing to a 3-0 victory over Tianjin Teda thanks to goals from Jungo Fijimoto, Keiji Tamada and Kensuke Nagai.

With the first five games in Group G ending all square after Central Coast Mariners and Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma shared a 1-1 draw in Australia; Nagoya moved two points clear at the top of the table.

In Group C, Brazilian striker Bruno Correa scored with a minute remaining as Iran's Sepahan secured a 2-1 win over recently-crowned Qatar champions Lekhwiya to maintain an unbeaten record.

Sepahan top the table three points clear of Al Ahli after midfielder Taisir Al Jassim scored one and set up another as the Saudi side beat Al Nasr 2-1 in Dubai.

Finally in Group D, Iran’s Piroozi pulled four points clear at the top of the table after beating Qatar’s Al Gharafa 3-0 in Doha, while Saudi champions Al Hilal were forced to settle for a third consecutive draw after coming from behind against Al Shabab Al Arabi as a tight contest finished 1-1 in Dubai.

COMMENT - how to get a job with WSG?!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Disappointment For Singaporeans

It's not been a good week for Singaporeans. Liverpool lost again while a whole heap of folks who have just discovered football found that Manchester City couldn't beat Sunderland last weekend.

To cap it all LionsX11 are top of the Malaysia Super League having defeated Negeri Sembilan 4-2 last night.

The win leapfrogs them over Kelantan who tonight play Arema in the AFC Cup but that hasn't stopped their manager, or chairman, or whatever having another moan to the press about how unfair life is.

Anyway back in Singapore what to do. The whole point for most people there about domestic football is that the teams and players are crap and it gives them plenty to whine about. Singaporeans are professional whiners and have been itching to have it entered as an Olympic sport but the Australians, for so long the undisputed champions, have been staunch opponents.

Having a team top of the table comes as a culture shock though Mabel tells me the hardcore whiners point to the fact that they have played two games more than second placed Kelantan and the team from the north east have a far better goal difference.

1 - LionsX11 13 8 3 2 21-12 27
2 - Kelantan 11 8 2 1 23-8 26
3 - Terengganu 11 6 3 2 17-9 21

Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Golden Oldies Know How To Score

One reason why it is very difficult for young strikers to make an impression in Indonesia is that the old guard are bloody hard to shift. Players like Rahmat Affandi, Samsul Arief and Yongki Aribowo seem to be eternal bench material or get shifted from club to club while the old buggers hog the big teams.

Have a look at the top scorers in Indonesia at the moment.

Keith Kayamba (Sriwijaya) 15 goals in 15 games. Age 39 and pictured flat on his back
Safee Sali (Pelita Jaya) 12 goals in 15 games. Age 28
Bambang Pamungkas (Persija) 11 goals in 17 games. Age 31
Christian Gonzales (Persisam) 10 goals in 10 games. Age 36
Aldo Barreto (Persiba) 9 goals in 16 games. Age 31


Bobotoh To Taste Some Milo?

Persib Bandung are rarely far from the headlines. With a manager who is widely known as Um-Mourinho they have been working their way through coaches as they seek that vital ingredient that turns potential into success. I guess they don't figure consistency to be a factor!

They are now being linked with Bosnian coach Milomir Seslija. Formerly with Arema IPL, Milo has played with Sembawang Rangers (does Sembawang mean 9 onions?!), KL and Sabah so is familiar with the region and the language.

Reports suggest they will not pursue Robert Alberts and Alfred Riedl which is probably a relief to those particular gentlemen.

Sunday, April 01, 2012


Persib's Souza Interest

Seen a couple of stories recently linking Brazilian striker Marcio Souza with Persib Bandung. Souza currently plays for Arema but is best known for spending several seasons with Persela before short stays with Deltras and Semen Padang.

Souza's talent is unquestioned but he does have a reputation for throwing himself spectacularly to the ground, face contorted in agony and pleading with the ref.

Him and Noh Alam Shah up front together? You can imagine every ref in the land saying puh-leeese no!

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